MyWebApp is an Android App that loads a index.html (local web site) file located under MyWebApp folder of your SD card.

Copy your custom web content to the MyWebApp folder. You can use HTML, CSS and Javascript files. Then reload the App to view your content.



You can call predefined functions from your Javascript code using 'window.external.FunctionName(Optional Parameters);'. Replace FunctionName and Optional Parameters according with the function called. Some functions are:
- GetWidth()
- GetHeight()
- GetAndroidID()
- GetUserAccount()
- FileExist('test.txt')
- FileWrite('test.txt', 'Test data.')
- FileLoad('test.txt')
- FileDelete('test.txt')
- CreateDirectory('temp')
- DeleteDirectory('temp')
- GetContact() fires onContactPickerSuccess(vlstrName, vlstrNumbers) and onContactPickerFail(vlstrError).
- GetPicture() fires onGetPictureSuccess(vlintResultCode) and onGetPictureFail(vlintResultCode). On success you need to call window.external.GetPictureData() for the Base64 image data.
- StartGPSService() fires onLocationChanged(vldblLat, vldblLon, vldblSpeed) and onStatusChanged(vlstrStatus).
- CancelGPSService()
- StartTTSService()
- SetSpokenLanguage(LanguageCode) Ej: 'en', 'spa', 'es', etc.
- SpeakText(Text)
- CancelTTSService()
- MsgBox(Message)
- PlayBeep(Tone) Ej: 28
- PlaySound('')
- CancelToast()
- EnableToast()
- and more to come.